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Dd allergic to all milks, even rice

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This is so frustrating!! We knew she was allergic to dairy from birth, even through my milk. So when she weaned herself from nursing at 13 months due to new preg, she drank soy like a champ. than she got sick a few months later and became totally intolerant of soy. so some moms on here recommended rice milk, which she promptly threw up even faster than the soy. Is it truly ok for a 21 month old toddler to have no milk of any kind for months on end?? This reallly concerns me alot, but i know that all cultures don't beleive milk is for older people. Some think milk is just for babies, and let them nurse for several years. I am about to have #2 and have my double electric pump all ready to go. Surely my dd will be able to tolerate MY milk????? Does anyone have any experience with this?? The only other think I've seen is something like oat milk, which was really more of a beverage than anything. Please any help would be great!!
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Have you tried oat milk? You can buy it but I hear it's very simple to make at home.
Nope, it's the last thing I haven't tried, and I know she can tolerate oatmeal, she eats it all the time. The only oat milks I've seen in the health food store look more like "beverages" with other stuff added. I really was hoping that if she drank it it would offer some nutrients or something!
What rice milk were you giving? Many kids have problems w/ the rice dream enriched or any enriched. I would try giving regular. Also, all the oat milk I've seen has at least 1 soy derivative in it.
There are other milks such as
potato (vances dari free)

plus you can make your own milk from nuts and seeds by blending the nuts in the blender/vita mix with water. Let it sit, add salt or sweetener to taste and then pour off the top or strain out the pulp.

This doesn't result in the added vitamins.
If you are looking for her to get nutrition out of a "milk" then it's going to have to be enriched because none of these other milks provide it.

No, she should be fine with your milk as long as you stay away from what she is allergic to. I had multiple allergies as a child resulting in my mother relactating and I was fine with her milk as long as she didn't eat my allergens. That being said, she's almost 2 years ago and if she's getting a varied diet, there isn't any reason for her to need milk. if you are concerned about her vitamins/minerals, there are MANY supplements out there you can give her (which is essentially what you'd be doing with a milk anyway) including those made without any of the usual allergens. You can get vitamin-only or multis.
I was wondering what kind of rice milk you had tried, too. Rice Dream is a horrible choice for anyone with multiple food allergies; they add way too much gunk to their products. My son does very well with the Whole Foods' brand (Trader Joe's changed their milk and it has too many questionable ingredients now). Any alternative "milk" is really a beverage. I have read that *****'s dairy-free comes with a risk of dairy x-contamination, so even if ds2 could eat potatoes, we wouldn't try it because he's ana to dairy--but I think other kids are fine with it. If your dd is truly dairy-allergic, goat's milk is probably out. Over 90% of people with a dairy allergy are also allergic to goat's milk because the proteins are so similar.

Breastmilk might be the best alternative right now. My son's almost three and still nursing (he won't actually drink the rice milk--we just use it in his oatmeal and for baking). Just eliminate dairy and soy, and go for it!

I wish I could just hug all you mommas for all your info. I had no idea that Rice Dream was junky, or that some have soy elements.
I plan on pumping along with nursing , which pretty much means I have to give up my fresh farm milk that I am addicted to
but i'll survive. I went through it with dd, and I lived!! Boy I seriously love dairy, too! :LOL In a way I sort of hope dd shows an interest in nursing again. she was so young when she weaned suddenly, it'd be nice to have that connection again. thanks for all your help and I'll try to update and let you all know how it goes!!
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Oh, rice dream stuff really gets on my nerves. The beverage contains barley and pea protein and corn derivatives; many of their products are also processed on the same equipment that processes dairy, and it just blows my mind that the company thinks this is even remotely acceptable when the majority of their consumers are looking for a less allergenic alternative.

I miss dairy, too. So much. My biggest fear now is that, after eliminating it for so long, my body will no longer be able to tolerate it.

Have you dried DariFree? Its potato based and most people tolerate it unless they have a potato allergy.
Missy - I've been vegan for 5 years and although I occasionally eat something with dairy by mistake, I've not had any reaction to it.
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