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DD calls me by name, and it bothers me

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Hi Mamas,

Just wondering if anyone has faced this. My DD has started calling me by my first name about 80% of the time. I think it's because I work at home, so all day she hears me talk to people using my given name.

I never encouraged it, but at first I did secretly think it was cute. Now it's kind of bothering me, so I'm encouraging her to call me "Mama," which I feel is more appropriate.

Has anyone else encountered this, and how did you handle it? I've been hoping she would stop on her own, but it seems to be getting more frequent instead.

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My 3 y.o. has been doing this for almost a year now. Don't know what to tell you. He still calls me Mommy if he's upset or excited.

I'm just letting it go, but it is kind of weird, isn't it.
Good luck
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my dd went through a phase of calling my dh by his first name :LOL I thought it was really funny. Then I guess we(dh and I) shifted into referring to ourselves and each other as mama and daddy and the phase passed.

sometimes now she just goes "mama, your husband is so silly" instead of directly referring to him.

I just think they're trying out all the variations.

Originally Posted by melamama

I just think they're trying out all the variations.
I bet you're right about that. She also asks me what her are her grandparents' given names.

I think I'll just continue to let it go.

Thanks for the notes,
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I don't know the proper psycho-babble for this topic but from what I've learned children should not refer to their parents by their first names. It supposedly puts you "on the same level" which you are not (in my book). I would always follow up the name with, "oh, I'm mama" when your dc calls you by your first name. On a lighter note I think this is a phase (my dd tried it for a while) so I'd keep pressing your prefered name as "mama".
This is interesting - Harrison has taken to calling me "Mia" recently. He doesn't seem to do it to be funny or get attention - I just think he hears everyone else calling me that and thinks it's ok for him to call me that too. I actually think it's kind of cute, although I don't encourage it, and I always say "I'm Mama to you". When he is upset or needs something I'm always "Mama" though. I definitely think it's a phase he's going through, and I know I"ll be "Mama" again 100% of the time soon!
Dd went through this phase with dh, too. I think since I always call him that, she heard it a lot. Esp. b/c she would refer to him as daddy, but call him by his name. Dh was OK with it sometimes, and bugged others. It eventually passed, though.
My dd went through this phase and called me by my first name till she was pretty close to 3.

I'd comment from time to time and just say - "you call me mommy".

What changed it?

I think when she went to preschool and she found out everyone has a mommy, not an Elana. :LOL

Dd no. 2 calls me and dh by our names from time to time, but just cause she knows we think it's cute.

I wouldn't make much of it - she'll outgrow it soon, though if it really bothers you, I second the idea of you and dh calling each other daddy and mommy.
ds would always call dh by his first name. it was very cute, but we wanted him to call him daddy, so i'd refer to him as daddy or dad. it worked.
My 2 year old ds went through a phase for a few weeks where he would call dh by his first name. Now he only does it occasionally (once a week or so). He has called me by my first name a handful of times but still prefers "Mommy". It didn't really bother us at all, and we both thought it was funny. I really think it is just a phase they go through. I refer to my dh as "Daddy" when I talk about him to ds, and my dh does the same regarding me.
My advisor in graduate school had two boys who were around 6 and 8, and they called his wife and him by their first names all the time. They said they didn't mind at all.
I guess it is just a matter of preference.
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