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DD can't sleep when sick

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Not sure if this goes in Childhood or Health, but I must post someplace so here goes.

My dd is usually a great sleeper and always has been. BUT when she is coming down with or has a sickness, she cannot fall asleep and ends up getting maybe 60% the sleep she needs normally. I worry about this because I myself get better mostly through extra sleep. She is exhausted but can't seem to find the gateway to sleep when she is not well.

What can I do to help? Calming things such as lavender smell and camomile tea don't have any effect. TIA
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I have sooooo BTDT!!! ((((hugs)))

My dc were horrible teethers- wake up every hour or two. I tried the Hylands tablets,even increasing the dosage. Nothing worked until I started also gving them Advil before bedtime. Then they would sleep better and not wake me up so much.

When it comes to sickness, for ds, I elevate the head of his bed and buy a brand new humidifier(Walgreens $12-$13) as he is prone to ear infections. For dd, I have tried everything (I eliminate dairy for both until better) at the HFS, and reject anti's. Since she has Reactive Airway Disease, every cold or allergy leads to this(though it is getting better as she is older) and she simply cannot sleep. What works for her, is to give her a dose of Benedryl and codeine cough syrup at bed. THis allows for her to have a restful night(which is best for the immune system at work). I never treat any symptoms during the day. Snot runs, and we literally go through about 4 boxes of tissue when they are sick(dd goes through3!!). So, I guess what I'm saying, is I don't treat throughout the day, but at night I drug them if needed ,so everyone can sleep well. Of course lots of fluids and a warm environmentduring the day so they are never chilled. I almost*never* treat a fever-only pain.


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Thank you, it's nice to know I'm not the only one struggling with this!
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