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dd hates to put her soakers on

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but once they are on she is fine.
I hate having to fight her to get dressed. I want her to love the wool as much as I do.
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My ds too! I'm so sad.
I just got my first pair of knit wool pants and he will not wear them!
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Oh man I hope my DS doesn't see the day where he hates to put his woolies on! I'd be
too! I
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I'm so sorry. My dd, who has reverted to diapers for some strange reason, never wants to get anything on her bum. Do you try lots and lots of distraction? I don't know how stubborn your dd is about it, but with my dd I tell her firmly "We're going to get your diaper on in 2 minutes" or whatever and then when its time I coxe her over and talk to her the entire time I am getting it on. "Look at that...oh what are you goind to do today..."blah blah blah on and on. But my dd has issues with clothing in general, not just wool.
Anyway, here's hoping she feels the
love soon.
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my kiddo refuses to wear soakers, or any wool as well. It's heartbreaking!
She has lots of strong opinions tho - don't get me started on picking out shoes to go out......arghhh!!!
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