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DD in nighttime pain...need suggestions

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I'm not sure what is going on or why, but dd (20 months) has been in pain for the past three nights (as I write this at 4:30 am!). She started Fri/Sat evening. She went to bed as usual at 8 pm and slept well until 1/1:30 am. Then she was up screaming! She was holding her bottom saying "butt hurts" and holding her legs really stiff. I though maybe she had gas and gave her mylicon. She refused to be laid down. She slept in the maya sling just fine, as long as I was walking around with her. I was able to sit in the computer chair for a little bit and nap about and hr. Then at 5:30, she wanted to go to bed and nurse! She slept until about 8, I think and was in the same pain for a little while when she woke up, but was fine throughout the whole day, including her usual 2 hr nap. Repeat same pattern last night and this night! Except tonight she's up. She is playing now just fine, but hasn't nursed since about 12:30, which is a record for her! lol I did call her ped and went in this morning. She thought it might be a strep infection on her bum and took a culture. But, I have to wait until Wednesday to be sure! I'm exhausted from no sleep or short periods of sleep sitting up with a 28 pound baby in a sling! lol, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what I can do to help the poor baby sleep! TIA!
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How are her poops? Is she going? Are they hard, soft? This popped into my head since she said her butt hurts.

Couls she be having muscle cramps. Those can hurt like hell. If you think this may be the problem I would try getting her to eat more bananas. The Potasium will help if it's muscle cramps.

My son goes through bouts like this too. He is 33 months now but has had episodes like this. All I can figure out is it is either muscle cramps or growing pains. Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful.
Her poops seem normal and she's not constipated (at least I don't think so, she still goes every day as before). I just don't understand how whatever it is only hurts her so bad between 1 and 5 am and no other time! lol, she's been playing just great all morning and afternoon so far! Although another new development. She now has a rash covering her tummy and sides! eiyiyi!!
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