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It's starting to concern me. She has her two top teeth coming in, teeth #3 and #4 (late teething is a very mixed blessing) and man are they killing her. She's spent the past week in hysterics. So I'm trying to comfort her while playing defense for poor Rosie against her thrashing. He must think we ritually torture babies out here, I'm starting to worry about his stress levels as well!

I'm just hoping that the blows she does land aren't actually hurting him.

Not sure if any of this is related the the apparent stomach thing I've had since Monday. I'm back to the first trimester except I actually did throw up a few times, and now I'm just weak and queasy. I'm hoping it's a real virus and not a pregnancy thing because otherwise we're in for a loooooong summer.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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