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DD is wearing 'sposies

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I broke my arm on Saturday (falling down the stairs of a commuter plane - i broke the humerus between my elbow and shoulder)
. I can't change dipes at all
DH is using 'sposies - he thinks it is easier and i can't argue with him since he has so much on his plate right now with taking care of dd (he is SAHD) and me too - i am pretty helpless!

i feel so bad for dd's little bum
i tried to change one dipe, but with one hand i can't get it tight, you know?

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Poor mama!
Sorry to hear about your arm, that sure sounds painful.

Don't beat yourself up over the disposables. It's not forever.

Hope you mend quickly!
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OMGosh! I am so sorry you broke your arm! Don't feel bad about using the sposies - remember there is a time and place for everything.
You have no reason to feel guilty. This is definantly the time & place!! As long as dh is taking the gabage out too!! LOL:LOL

Hope you heal quickly! You can rub your diapers for sensory therapy!
When you're not lovin' on dd that is.
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I'm so sorry about your arm. I hope it heals fast with no problems. Don't worry about the sposies. You do what you have to do sometimes. Good luck, and take care of yourself.

Hope you feel better soon, I agree rub the diapers for therapy.
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ouch ouch ouch!!! i did that 12 years ago (but i got into a 3 wheeler accident) and had to surgery becuase my tendons wrapped around the bone so it couldn't heal. i couldn't even imagine changing a diaper with breaking that part.

i know its gonna be hard seeing your dd in sposies but your arm (and your body) needs to rest. let your dh do all the work.

i hope your arm heals quickly!
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OUCH, I hope you mend quickly and I wouldn't sweat the sposie use. We'll still talk to you :LOL
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