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DD keeping us awake at night, please help!

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My DD is 7 months old, and we have been co-sleeping since she was born. For a few months, I would put her to sleep in her crib (that is right next to our bed) and bring her to bed with us after her first waking. Well, now she won't sleep in her crib at all, she even naps in our bed, but that is another story.

I LOVE to sleep with her, but I don't like not getting enough sleep at night. The first half of the night is usually good. She will wake up once to nurse, and go right back to sleep. Somewhere between 3am and 5am, she will start to wiggle and whine in her sleep. She wakes more frequently in the early morning hours too, but that doesn't bug me as much as her making so much noise in her sleep. I try rubbing her back or her tummy, I have tried waking her up (after which she stays awake for quite some time before going back to sleep.) I try feeding her, but she usually isn't interested in nursing while doing that. Lately she has been kicking my DH at night, (more like pushing off with her feet) and that makes it even worse for him.
My DH usually ends up getting up and going to sleep on the couch or spare bed. I do NOT want that. I want this to be a family bed, not a mother/daughter bed.
Even if I keep her on the outside of the bed, away from DH, she still makes all those noises, and keeps us both awake.

I am starting to think about just getting her to sleep in her crib at night. DH is starting to "suggest" that we get her into her own crib. Don't know how to go about that, but again, that is another story.

BTW: She usually goes to bed around 8-8:30pm, and wakes up 2-3 times to eat. (Her waking up to eat doesn't bother me, she eats quickly, and we usually both fall back to sleep as she nurses. It is the noises in her sleep that drives us nuts.)

Does anyone have any ideas that might help? I really want co-sleeping to work, but if this keeps up, it isn't best for our whole family. I need something that will work for all of us.

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I posted a similar story on this forum, and I know it's hard when you don't get enough sleep (I have been dealing with that same issue off and on). How long has she been doing this? Maybe it will pass. If you really don't think it will pass and you're truly unhappy, you could try transitioning her to her crib. It may not make a difference for your sleep quality, though, because you'll hear her on the baby monitor. I've also heard that it's harder to transition a baby to the crib starting around 7-9 months (the next window for easy transition, I believe, is around 2). Also, what size bed do you have? Do you already have a king? A king might help with the kicking problem. Ear plugs could help your husband get some shut eye (you, of course, need to be able to hear in case your dd needs you). This may just be a (teething) stage she's going through. Good luck!
Thanks for the reply!

She has been doing it for about 3 months now. We don't have a king, and since we just bought a new (expensive) queen just a few years ago, it just isn't feasible to buy a bigger bed now. *sigh
It is weird. The only time she has slept well in the last few months, is when we were out of town for a week. We slept in a king, and 3 different full size beds, and every night she slept great, usually only waking up once to eat. I am sure it is from being so tired from all that visiting, but I don't know how to wear her out like that every day. lol

Today I put her in her crib for her second nap, and she slept for 45 minutes there. I also put her to bed in her crib tonight (after being put to sleep in my arms) and she hasn't waken up yet.
I don't like to put her to sleep and then lay her in her crib, because I can imagine how confusing it is to wake up alone in a crib, but she will not go to sleep on her own. Again, another story.
She is such a good baby. I just haven't figured out this bedtime thing yet. We have a good routine, but it all involves me putting her to sleep. I don't mind putting her to sleep at night, but I wish she could put herself to sleep when she wakes up at night (and isn't hungry) and I wish she would just sleep, instead of making a racket.

I will stop rambling now.

BTW, the crib is right up against our bed. It might not help much with the noise at night, but at least she won't be kicking.
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Well, that didn't work. She woke up about 15 minutes after we went to bed, so I brought her to bed with us. She ended up waking up more often, and was awake "playing" for a while during the night. I "slept" through most of it, but DH ended up on the spare bed again. *sigh*
I did lay her down tonight (in our bed) when she was almost asleep, and she fell right to sleep, without me even laying down next to her.
Wow, this is an old thread! I almost forgot how hard that time was.

DD is two now, and sleeps in her "big girl bed" in her own room.

I never did figure out what to do about her night noises, but they went away eventually. We co-slept until about 3 months ago. Then I transistioned her to her own bed in our room, and about 2 months ago she went into her own room. I would have been happy to continue co-sleeping, but she was still waking up a couple times at night, even after she weaned (at 21 months) and thought it might help to have her in her own room.
I was right, she wakes less often now that she is in her own room. I still get up with her once in a while, but rarely more than once a night, and sometimes not at all.

Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone hope that it does get beter.

BTW, I used the "Good Night Sleep Tight" method to get her to fall sleep on her own. Worked like a charm!!! I tried the "No cry sleep solution" before that, and it did get her falling asleep without BFing, but never got us farther than that.
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