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DD scared of potty after painful poo experience

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My dd is alomost 16 months and we have been doing EC since about 4.5 months. She has pooped in the potty since 7 months with maybe 1 miss per month. Right now, she is on a full strike b/c of a painful poo experiecne a few days ago. She pushed and pushed with no luck but when she tried again, she got a tiny piece out and then was obviously in pain and needed help. All the poo was backed in the perineum area but wouldn't come out (it was huge in diameter for a baby), so I helped her get it out. I was afraid that she wouldn't want to get on the potty after that, but she did later and even pooped some more. The next day was a whole other story, she wouldn't even sit on the potty (not even with bribes of toys!) and it has gotten worse.

Is there anything I can so to help her through this strike? We aren't pushing the issue now b/c it is obviously not what she wants, but I feel like all of our hard work is going to be for nothing and she will never get back on the potty. Any advice or BTDT stories would be welcome, I am feeling so bad for her poor bottom and for our loss of EC.
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Maybe a different pottying location for a while? One with no bad associations. A potty seat on the big toilet, or maybe going outside in the grass. You could try the new location first only at times when you know she really has to go, like first thing in the morning, then once she's gone there successfully a few times and seems okay with it, you could start trying to encourage regular use.
Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately we have been trying different potties, we have been using potty seats on the toilet for a while now, but I pulled out her potty chair to try and tried the bb at my mom's, no luck. She doesn't signal at all now, so I don't even know what would work.
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