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DD swallowed a marble... will it come out the other end?!?

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It was actually one of those squished glass marble-like things that you use in vases. Very rounded edges, so I am not worried about the glass cutting her insides or anything. But will it come out the other end??? How long will it take?


Edited to add:
She is a very small (26 lb.) 3 1/2 year old, if that matters.
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Hi Shakti,

I don't have any direct experience with this but wanted to let you know that there's a thread over in Health and Healing about a dime that made a similar journey with no problems... Should be fine. Take care! Hope all comes out soon.
Yoghurt. Apple puree. Juice.

And Chocolate.

May well help, but don't let on the association!

I have friends who have taken their DC to the ER for similar things.

All they got was an X-ray, a "Yep, it's in there!", and were told to poo-check until it came out.

I even heard of a child swallowing a closed safety pin, and they said the same thing!
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Originally Posted by StillForest
Take care! Hope all comes out soon.
Nice choice of words!

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My ds swallowed a penny once and it did come out the other end. I called his pedi who sent him to the hospital for an x ray because he wanted to make sure that it wasn't stuck in his esophogus. Everything was fine
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