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My 2-year-old turned on the tv this morning and all she wants to do is watch kid's shows. Usually, if she turns on the tv, she'll watch whatever is on (she loves the Weather Channel :LOL ) for 5 or 10 minutes, then get bored, turn it off and go do something else. But, not today.

She's also uninterested in food. She wants to eat dinner rolls - white ones (we almost never have white bread in the house) - and shows no interest in any of the things she usually likes for breakfast. She mostly wants me to leave her alone, but is very snuggly when she does want me to pick her up or whatever.

She was really sick about a week and a half ago, and has been a bit cranky since then. Today is totally different. Do you think this could be post-illness lassitude? It's really...odd. I can't believe how much tv she wants to watch!
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