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Dd withholding her peepee...

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Dd used to go on the potty maybe 4 times per week. Lately, she has stopped completely.

Dd asks to be naked a lot of the time. We happily oblige. She spends probably 4-5 hours/day naked. But, she won't pee on the potty or even on the floor when she has to go. She just holds it. Eventually, she is actually HOLDING her yoni, and I ask her if she needs to go potty. She asks for a diaper. When I offer the potty, she totally refuses. She says, "I need a diaper! I don't wanna use the potty!"

I don't wanna push the potty issue....should I stop offering? I also want her to be able to be naked, but it isn't healthy to hold your urine when you have to go, which she will do unless she has a diaper on.

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Maybe try the diapers again for a few days and see if she is just seeing if she can have a choice in the matter and will go back to the potty. Her holding it back might eventually lead to a UTI so it's probably best to just follow her lead. You can still let her be naked, if she is asking for a diaper she probably won't go on the floor.

We are having the other problem, my full trained dd is holding her poop. After going to the peds with a stomach ache and a swollen tummy and xray later we figured out she is full of it. Doc gave us suppositories. It was hard to realize she was holding back because she was still pooping occassionally so I didn't realize she was holding that much back. Now she refuses to poop on the toilet, I can see if she goes pee and then is holding back her poops again. She still pees on the toilet fine but if she has to poop either she holds it, goes in her pants or will ask for a diaper and then goes. She says it hurts, I think she might have hard a harder poop last week and then since then she is afraid it will hurt again so she won't go. I have tried telling her that the longer she holds it the more it hurts but we are getting no where so for now we are just giving her a diaper if she asks and hoping she gets over this soon.
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