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okay I love my DD moe than chocolate, but he 2s are seemin to be trying..she turns 2 on the 30 and well....she wont listen to "dont hit the dog, dont put clothes ...on the dog.. dont throw dont hit ..dont go there....I AM SO SICK OF THE WORD DONT she also has this new hitting and pushing thing whe she gets frusteraed she shows it. She will say over and over "no hit mamma or ''no hit doggie ..babies etc. I just need some advice on how to not feel like I am going to pull out my hair...especially in the grocery store line when I am next and she is WAY OVER IT and decides its time to go....JUST TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD ...I know besides these frustrations she is a joy...even with them shes my angel but WOW I am getting tired I am a SAHM besides 3 nights of school I am taking SO any words ....
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I know how you feel. It really isn't you alone. I'm up at 3am with my dd (almost 16 mo) and am sahm for 3 kids. Just know you're not alone and you can do it. I constantly have to use restraint with my 4 yr old when he blurts out "no! only you are talking bad!" or when he pushes dd down...very common...
Well I can only say that I completely empathise with you. I cannot give you any advice. My 3 year old does this too and I'm just at my wit's end. I keep telling myself to hang in becuase it will get better but I don't know how I will manage it. I hope you get some good responses because I will also be checking this thread.
hugs to you
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Don'ts are not very helpful. When your young child wants to interact with the dog, make a noise, get your attention, what ever, she really can not think of any other way to get her need or want met and "Don't hit the dog" only reinforces the one way she can think of. When I say to you don't think of a orange ball, Can you do it? Or does an orange ball come to mind?

What she needs is lots of options for meeting her needs.

"You would like to play with the dog? She likes it when you scratch her ears/roll the ball/pet her back."

"You are angry? You can pound the peg board with this hammer/squish the playdough in your fingers/go on the porch and scream."

For the gorcery store, I would keep in mind some games. I spy something orange/cold/in the air/the letter M. Sometimes counting can be fun-fingers or oranges or buttons on the credit card thing. Stickers are always a last resort thing I try to keep in my purse. Eating something that you have bought, including letting her try to get the package open can give you a few more minutes.
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