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Dd11 sick for two weeks...(xposted in vax)

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I hope someone can offer up some good advice here.....ok....the long and short of it is my daughter came home from camp last week sick with a high fever.....she was sick all weekend...I took her into the dr. on Mon. and she had a RAGING ear infection (and I think she had bronchitis too but they didnt hear anything). They gave her Augmentin. Ok fine.....we come home and that night along with having a 102 fever, she started her period for the first time!. This poor child was sweating, pale as ever and so nauseaus!
She has missed this entire week of school and has done nothing but sleep and lay in bed all day. She can only get up for a little bit at a time or she turns white and gets really dizzy. She's not losing THAT much blood (sorry tmi) but i'm concerned that her body is just so out of whack. Her fever is gone but she still is coughing pretty bad.
1. Does this sound pretty normal and I should just let it all run it's course?
2. what can I give her supplemental wise?
3. Since she's on the Augmentin, when can or should I start the kyodophilus?

I'm really getting concerned....My periods have always been pure he**. I remember missing LOTS of school because I was in so much pain or bleeding so badly that I would get too light headed to get out of bed.....but my mom said this was normal?
Anyway.....any advice is appreciated here.....thanks mamas!
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: to you and your daughter!! I am so sorry this is happening. I really don't know anything about this, but I just wanted to let you know that I hope things get better soon. The only thing I can think of is that it sounds similar to when my sister was in the ER with some sort of Pelvic Inflammatory infection, but I can't believe that would be the cause at her age having just gotten her first period, unless they were swimming somewhere that had some bacteria in the water?? Is that possible? My sister's problem was traced back to a hot tub I believe...
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