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Let's see ... I'll list some postives and negatives as I see them.

-The diapers fit my dd well; she's 6 mo, 27 inches and 16-17 pounds and wears a size S/M.
-They're cute!!! Maintain cuteness wash after wash.
-My dd is what I would consider a heavy wetter who is sometimes a really heavy wetter. These diapers do pretty well and I've never experienced flooding or leaking.
-The fabics are cotton -- both soft and gentle to dd's skin. No diaper rash.
-Thick velcro closures.
-New diapers have a more contured closure.
-Easy to use.
-Travel well.

-Like any diaper, when it's saturated, it's saturated. As I said, I've never had a leak with them but every so often there has been some wicking around the legs of my heavy-wetting dd (for the record, I do change her diaper very often, whether she's wearing an aio, cpf w/wrap, HH or what have you.
-The diaper needs a velcro loop back (if that's the right term). The diapers currently must be washed with velcro attached in closed position. I'd perfer to wash the diaper open. This is probably the biggest drawback for us.
-Long drying time if you don't have the sun to help you out.

When I get the picture thing figured out, I'll post a link. If anyone wants to pm me, feel free!
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