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Dd's hair is getting long...

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what do I do?

Sorry if this sounds like a really silly question, but we don't know what to do about dd's hair. It is getting quite thick, and long enough at the front that it is flopping in her eyes. The last few days I have *gasp* clipped a barrette in it (hehehehe I said I would never do that), but I don't know what we should do now. I would really like to grow her hair long - should we cut bangs though just to get past this stage?

All input greatly appreciated
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I don't think your question is silly, I think it's cute.
I'd say keep using that barrette. They make such darling little clips or rubberband holders for little girls. Would she wear a headband? Personally, I had long long long hair as a little girl, no bangs. I got compliments ALL of the time. I don't like bangs on little girls, anyway. :LOL
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use headbands if you don't like clips
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With my daughter, I just used barettes (about 493,299 of them considering how many were lost, lol) until it all grew out to be one length. It's so nice to have it all one length now because we can use the barettes, or do a ponytail, or two braids (my personal favorite
) or it looks just fine as is.

It's annoying for a few months, but worth it to grow it out.
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I was having the same problem with my DD and I resorted to using some small hair clips...and that worked for awhile but now she has started pulling out the clip and the first thing that she wants to do is put it in her mouth, (she's almost a year).
So, now I'm wondering what to do. I want to keep her hair long but it's really bothering her, (and me) when it continues to fall in her eyes while playing.
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Let me start by saying I have NO affiliation with this company, however, we have found these fabulous clips - the "no slippy hair clippy" that work wonders on our daughter's hair.

We were having the same problem with her pulling out these tiny barrettes we were using and then being terrified of her swallowing them. These she cannot take out. And they are really fun looking clips.

The website is She seems to sell online and through small children's stores.


My older two girls have my big forehead, so I cut bangs for them. The rest just kept growing out.

The younger two have cute, round faces, so I'm trying very hard to not cut bangs. I use clips or small barrettes if I can get away with it. Usually they both pull them out right away to look at them (and taste them, in the case of dd4).
I found these great headbands I fantasize about making myself (If my DD's hair ever grows...) It's a pretty ribbon (long enough to fit almost all the way around their head) with each end folded over an elastic hair band and sewn back onto itself - so it's a flexible, strechy head band that is really pretty. All you see is the ribbon, but the elastic band keeps it snug.

I hear that bangs are hard to keep up with, But if you aren;t going to cut them, you have to train your daughter;s hair to grow out of her eyes - it naturally grows forward, but if you are consistent about brushing it back or to the side, and clip or tie it back as it grows out, it will grow that way. My neice's hair never gets brushed, and now it's a few inches above her butt (sh'es almost 3) and it still hangs forward and is constantly in her face. it still has to be pulled back all the time or she can't see. (think about how if you changed your part, your hair would look funny - b/c it grows how you style it every day)
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