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I come here often to see the latest discussion in the cloth diapering world. I cd'd #2 for about 4 months(from 4mo to 9mo old) and switched back to sposies. (she grew out of her smalls and I was working outside the home, switching off shifts with dh and it just got to be a lot I guess) Anyway...I've got a 7 wk. old now that I've cd'd from the beginning. I am way more into it now than I was with #2, and I can't imagine ever putting her in a sposie. I love her cloth too much! LOL

Yesterday I was at someone's house with our homeschooling group and I changed dd's diaper. A friend came over and was oohing and aahing over her dipes. She was impressed and even insisted on holding her dipe that I'd just taken off (wet with pee LOL) She asked me if she could change her the next time because it looked like fun. Never heard that one before! She's going to be ttc soon and said she'd decided in that 3 minute "demonstration" that she's going to use cloth and now she can't wait. YAY!

so, I just thought I'd share that with you guys while I'm stepping out of the corner to say "hi!"
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