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hi there-<br><br>
my 3-yr old son has an acute speech delay, and has been using ASL as his primary means of communication for the past few years. though he is (finally!) starting to pick up speech, we're looking for resources for him to continue learning and using ASL (he uses upwards of 1,000 signs).<br><br>
i know that ASD is nearby (west hartford), but since my son hears just fine, i don't know that he'd qualify to participate in any of their programs, though i think he would LOVE being in a deaf classroom. he really, really enjoys signing, and it's clear that he is very good at it.<br><br>
does anyone know of any playgroups or get togethers/classes for toddlers or primary-aged kids - deaf or h/h is great, too - (not baby signs, please!) for signing in CT? i live in litchfield county, and would love to find something in our area.<br><br>
and ALSO, does anyone know of good resources (DVDs, etc) for teaching kids advanced signs? we're way past the "signing time" series, and we don't know where to go from here. he's like a sponge, always looking to use new signs, and i want to support his passion for learning and communicating. i think he would do very well with products for deaf or h/h kids, and he seems ready to take his signing to the "next level," but i don't know where i should be looking or what's worth our while.<br><br>
thanks for any and all suggestions you may have!<br><br>
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