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dealing with loneliness

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i miss my dh. his work is 3 hours away, so in a 12 day cycle, he is gone 7 of those days. when he is home he has his activities that he enjoys, golfing, fishing, hunting, the gym etc. it does take up alot of time.

i have 4 kids -13, 9, 6, and 3. i have my own interests and am usually pretty good about not getting needy for my dh. if i am not spending time with the kids, i am also responsible for all the house and yard work, so it generally keeps me busy. i also homeschool and take the kids to their activities. i am also doing some coursework of my own. i make sure to take time everyday to do some cardio or go to the gym by myself.

any tips or ideas on how to cope with this? i feel like i am needing to do something about it. usually i am pretty good with it but this time having him back has been hard for me where he is so busy. i feel terrible about this. he really is a great husband and i love him alot.
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How much time does he have when he's off work? Maybe you can just talk to him and set up a date for one on one time. Even though you both have outside activities to keep you busy and your own hobbies, you still need to take time to reconnect with each other on occassion. Have you talked to him about how you feel? Maybe he's not even aware of what you need. He may be quite happy to take a couple hours to spend with just you, and maybe he even wants it, too.
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