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Assuming you want to continue (which is sounds like you do), I suggest you make it a non-issue with family and friends.

Practice saying the following:
"Thank you for your interest. Things are working well for us now. We'll let you know if we need any assistance from you."

And then refuse to discuss it with them. Other than your dh, it is your business, your choice.

With dh, you can point to the who guidelines. You can also point to the research which shows that YOUR personal risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer decreases with every year you nurse.

if he keeps pressuring you, make him prove to YOU why you should stop. And "it makes me feel weird" isn't really an argument.

Obviously, you know your relationship with your dh best. With my dh, he really expected that we'd wean at 1 year - but when we hit that mark, he realized that ds1 was still a baby and that ds LOVED nursing sooooo much, it would be massively traumatic for him. I didn't need to convince him at all - it was obviously the best choice for us.

Good luck!!!

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