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First, a
for all you are going through. Any one of those things would be really rough, and there you are, dealing with all of them at the same time. Be easy on yourself.

Also, be easy on your DH. People deal with stress and upheaval in different ways, and just as you are taking your mind off of things by baking cookies, he may feel that finishing the basement takes his mind off of things, or allows him to say "I accomplished this today," or whatever.

I think you are doing the right thing by making sure your DH knows that you are hormonal, worried and everything else. You may need to keep reminding him of this, in whatever way he will "hear" you.

I have been together with my DH for 11 years, (married for 8.5), and we definitely have different ways of dealing with stress, uncertainty, upheaval, etc. But it is how we come together on the issues that is the most important.

Good luck, and feel free to vent more if you need to.

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