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I do agree that it would have been best to throw the newspaper back out. I know it feels like "giving in" but I really believe exactly as mamazee said that kids have enough opportunities to experience frustration that aren't "artificially imposed" by their parents. This isn't meant to be a criticism, lord knows I've BTDT and hindsight is always so much clearer...just a suggestion for next time. You have to give yourself permission to just "let it go" and not listen to those voices in your head that say "no! I can't let this screaming tyrant have his way!".

As for the tantrums, they sound scary! I'm betting he's a bit scared, too. I would have suggested the holding thing, though I have no personal experience with it. It just seems more loving than putting him in his room (but I totally understand why you have to do that, too). I just don't know....maybe you could set up an "angry area" with nerf balls and things he *can* knock over to get it all out?
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