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Dear Diaper Fairy,<br><br>
I'm a new mama-to-be due at the end of may. My DH just gave the reluctant go ahead to cloth our baby, but is balking at the price. My family tends to have smallish babies 6-7lbs at birth so we're really in need of xs or small pocket/aio dipes.<br><br>
I'm trying to stick to fuzzibunz because dh loves em so much. I've bought some stuff so far so here's ALL the cloth and cloth supplies I own:<br><br>
1 small bumkins<br>
2 small bumwares<br>
6 xs fuzzi bunz<br>
9 small fuzzi bunz<br>
2 wonderoos<br>
1 wetbag<br>
3 Mother of Eden Micro Terry Inserts X Small<br>
6 FunOrganic Organic Cotton Wipes<br>
4 Premie 2x6x2 Unbleached Prefolds<br><br><br>
Everything above I bought myself, nothing given to me. Not all the fuzzibunz have inserts, so I'll still need some and I'd love to use cloth wipes too. If you have anything you don't need to help grow my collection for the little fellow or lady I'd really appreciate it.<br><br><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">
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