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We've switched to cloth - and DD's bum has never looked better. We realize now that that's been one of her lingering allergies since birth, that we never could figure out.<br><br>
But we have very few diapers - and only 3 that can be used outside the house really. 2 have PUL right on the outers, and we also have 1 pul cover that fits over most of her diapers. I spent the last of the extra $$$ we had on a few used diapers, and we love the magicalls we got in a trade. I'm washing 2x a day just to have enough diapers to use, and with my busy schedule as a single mom in school, it's really hard to keep up with it.<br><br>
We could really use any medium diapers that you could give. We don't mind if they are boyish, but we can't use wool as both DD and myself are allergic.<br><br>
Thanks so much fairy - and it will be repaid when I can
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