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Debbie Bliss "baby knits for beginners" dress with eyelets

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OK....I have followed this pattern exactly...making sure to count my stitches regularly...

And it is over 10 stitches....

I am at the point where I would have to frog the entire won't work...

Has anyone ran into any problems with her stuff before...?
I did notice that on her website...there are a ton of "corrections" to patterns from her books....UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need a dress pattern to knit for a wedding in June....and this one isn't going to do it!!!

This dress is sleeveless....for the summer weather...I am using 100% combed cotton, in cream...."Cotton Patine"
Gauge: 20-22 sts per 4 iches on sz 7 in stockinette stitch

HELP!!!!! Please.....

This pattern I was doing was on size 3 needles...UGH!!!!

Oh and the size I am knitting for is 9 months....
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Debbie Bliss patterns stink, big-time. I've successfully knitted two cardigans from that book, and frogged 7: so I speak from bitter, bitter experience- that said, I've done that dress and made it work. It's the way she describes the decreases. (I went through the pattern with a calculator before I started, making sure I knew what I was aiming for at the end of every row.)
It should be retitled Debbie Bliss Baby Knits for maths geniuses who are just learning to knit.
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Eeek! I just started that same dress (same size even) for my daughter. It seems so basic. Now I'm scared. Flapjack, are you talking about the decreases for shaping the armholes? I really don't want to screw this up, the yarn was so expensive and it's so pretty! Any advice would be much appreciated.

Have Wool - Have you seen the Blossom dress at Magknits...very cute!

Also, there are a couple of cute dresses in the "Yarn Girls Guide to Kid Knits" but they both only start at 1 Yr...the shaping seems pretty simple, maybe you could play around and try and shrink it down.
flapjack: Thanks for the thumbs down on Debbie Bliss...I thought it was just me....Are you willing to share your notes on the pattern?

andrea: I have looked at the dress over at magknits...I like it...however it is just not "dressy" enough for the wedding, yk?

Sigh....what the heck am I going to do??????
I have searched online for other dresses...and nothing far as looks go....

I did notice that Teresa over at LTK does have a new dress up for spring...I wonder how difficult it would be to add eyelet so I could have the ribbon threaded thru???? Teresa????
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I made the blossom dress as my first knitting project (aside from practice dishcloths for my three year old). My gauge was off so it turned out a little big but it was easy easy easy.
Bummer about the DB patterns - I've made one sweater and lots of smaller things from that same book and they all worked fine.

Originally Posted by OhMel
What about:
Love this pattern...gonna go check it out more!!! THANK YOU!!!!
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