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Question - What are effective ways to reduce circ in the USA?<br><br><b>White hat:</b><br>
What data/information is needed. Include other peoples views.<br><br><b>Red hat:</b><br>
Feelings<br><br><b>Green hat:</b><br>
New ideas<br><br><b>Yellow hat:</b><br>
Logical positive (why an idea could work)<br><br><b>Black hat:</b><br>
Logical negative (why an idea couldn't work)<br><br><b>Blue hat:</b><br>
Keep on eye on the process (e.g. is it keeping on topic)<br><br>
The idea of this thread is to explore the question in any way you like.<br>
One idea is to mention the hat you are currently using.<br>
Another is to use all hats in sequence.<br><br>
Thought it might be fun.
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