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December '04 Mommas November#2

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Originally Posted by calicokatt
So the sweater was a bit too tight on the little girl.... So I GET IT BACK!!
I was going to make Timmy one anyway, so I"ll just make her one that's slightly bigger and keep the other. I'm disappointed, but in a way, kind of happy, 'cause I get to keep my first sweater!

Danny got a phone today, and will be heading to his sister's tomorrow, so I'm feeling a bit better.

OMG! That's awesome. I really loved that sweater. I so want to knit.

Great news about Danny. I am sure he is glad to be seeing some of his family again as well. I know you will have a sweet reunion.
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I really loved that sweater too! It was SO HARD to put it in the mail!
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How long did it take you? Did you use a pattern?
Yes, a pattern from and it took about 2 weeks, but I didn't really hurry... so I'm hoping to get the next one done faster, since I need to knit Timmy 3 more pair of longies before we go, too!
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Cathy - I'm glad to hear that your husband is with his family. Now you can not worry about him for a bit and get your travel plans taken care of.

Niko's rash is about done for this time. Hopefully we can keep him well lubricated and avoid any others for the winter. I can't wait to give him a bath this weekend. Its been a week and I think he is ready

My sister is coming into town tomorrow and she is going to watch Niko and Sara so DH and I can go out to dinner by ourselves, whooohooo! We'll go early and get back early so it should work out good. Sara loves her Auntie and Niko is pretty laid back, but this will be the first time anyone tries to put him to bed. I am going to have her read to them in Sara's bed until Niko falls asleep. When DH puts Niko down, he usually watches TV with Niko until he falls asleep (well either DH or Niko, whichever is first
). Sara can stay up late that night.
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Jackie-Iris wanted me to tell you to thank Evangiline for the bell and for the beautiful bags. She is trying right now to figure a out how to get the bell out of tha cage and in to her mouth.
The bags are beautiful. Thank you from both of us.
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Shalena~ Thank You!! Somehow I knew it was you when you posted that yesterday!

The blanket is AWESOME! So soft! I haven't felt a nicer blanket! It will be going to Romania with us for sure! The car balls are awesome, and the giraffe is just sweet! I'm trying to decide if I should wrap the toys and give them for his birthday, I think I will, since I won't be buying anything!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Oh yes, I just got a call from my mil's employers, they're at the travel agency, buying the tickets!
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I'm so glad you like it Kathy. I wish I had thought to put something in there for you too, you deserve it.
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I wish I could have done the swap. I'm always afriad i'll mess around and it'll be late or i'll forget and dissappoint someone.

Kathy, have fun and be safe!

Bad news. My SIL had a baby this am and he's headed right now th be circumcised. Dh called and tried to talk her out of it. He hates it so much now. She told him she felt like she needed to respect her Dh's wishes on it because afterall, a baby doesn't care. Asshat. I hate her guts for this. What is wrong with people? And she's a freakin nurse practicioner! She told our other sister that she could do whatever she wanted but that there was really no point in nursing more than a few months and that she would wean this baby at 6 just like her first. I made sure to tell her that her sisters a dipstick and emailed her alot of literature explaining the benefits of extended nursing. Like 7 months is so extended. End rant.

More bad news: I feel like my supply is lessening for some reason. Let down is substantionally weaker than even last week and he's getting impatient and biting the crap out of me ALL THE TIME. I don't know what to do. I hate screaming and scareing him but I can't help it. I went and bought some more milk tincture and have been making sure to drink lots of water. I did take some sudafed for a few days last week and I think it hurt my supply alot. I have had a few bowls of oatmeal too and nothin. Usually one bowl causes oversupply for me.

I'm feeling really unsure about my decisions and where to go next. Cross your everything for me that the tincture helps.

I'll be out of town till monday to visit my sister.
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Everything's crossed for you here! That stinks about your nephew.....if she thinks he doesn't care, then she ought to go in and watch them do it
: Just the thought of it makes me want to VOMIT!!! I'm so glad that Michelle was a girl, 'cause I didn't form an opinion on circumcision until I was pg with dd#2.
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Koalamommy~ I saw on another thread that you'll be getting the Triumph? I just wanted to let you know that I got one for Timmy the day dh's car sold, and I LOVE it! Awesome seat.

My mil thinks she has a couple of broken ribs.....She says she was bending over to get something out of the fridge, but who knows, she may be downplaying so dh doesn't worry. I worry about her a lot. She works too hard.
If I decide to move over there I hope to be able to convince her to come with me.
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We have a triumph seat and we like it but the straps are twisty so watch out.
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we know the Triumph is the one we want. My cousin has 2 for her kids and loves them. It was hard enough convincing my MIL to skip the cheap seats and get us that one. NO WAY she would have gone for a $200 model!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get it next week (for DD's birthday). our current seat has twisty straps too, so I'm used to that! But the new baby will need that seat in just a few months, so it's time to switch.

Nannymom-so glad Iris likes the gifts. Sewing is not my strongest talent, but you said you liked homemade things. There's certainly no doubt that what you got it homemade (well, except the rattle). Evangeline says to tell Iris that the bell doesn't come out of it's cage, she's been working on it for months with no luck

M~H~L I'm sorry about the supply issues. I know how you're feeling right now. I'm sure the milk tincture will help. Fenugreek works wonders for me, if only I could take it while PG. I do notice a huge difference when I take the more milk two, though. I have an open bottle of More Milk Plus that I can't use, if you'd like it, I'm happy to send it to you.
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I think I'm going to be ill. My mil is not going to pay for the tickets. She has decided she wants to move back to Romania so she doesn't have to work. (Not that I blame her for that, I was hoping that I would be able to come home in January and pack and return this spring, bringing her with me. I have become pessimistic about our chances of ever being able to live here.) I don't know how on earth we're going to get the money together for me to go in just 3 weeks. I really feel ill. Danny won't tell me exactly what his mom said, just that she's not getting the tickets. Why? Why does this have to happen??
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Kathy, I'm SO sorry for you. I will be praying that everything works out financially for you.

Are any other kids having seperation anxiety at all? Breck's always been really independant, but for some reason lately, he just wants Mommy. Yesterday I went into the bathroom to pee, and he came crawling towards the door, sat outside it and cried the whole time I was in there. Kind of cute, kind of frustrating.

In other news: HE TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS TODAY!!! YEAH! Four in a row. We were totally stoked.
Kathy- that sucks!!!!! You are having such a crap time.
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Iris is begining to cruise a little but she is still very unsure of it and has no real balance on her feet.

She is sick and teething and the past five days have been some of the worst days I've experienced as a parent in terms of mental drain and exaustion. I have a cold, we aren't sleeping, my husband is driving me insane, etc. I think she has fifths disease but he thinks she is just wind blown from being outside even though she has all the symptoms of fifths disease except for the the trunk rash. He then said if she's sick it's b/c you went to texas or because you lay her on those nasty yoga mats-like he's bloaming me for her getting sick b/c of the two things i've done for myself (go to see my sister and take yoga)
: . i told him it was boarding abuse and then i mentally moved to Mexico
He's not normally such a jerk.

jmhammond- Iris has always had awful seperation anxiety. i mean even from the begining. She doesn't like to have me out of her sight. Congrats on Breck's 1st steps
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