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Hello, I don't know where else to post this, but just thought I'd share this with anyone in the Los Angeles area that was interested. The Flap Happy outlet had a few LOOM Bandicoots for $44 and a few Marsupials for $52. Colors were very limited, but I believe those are very good prices.

We were also at The Pump Station and came across some Skip Hop Duos in chocolate, camel, and I believe the lighter blue for $42.50 or so. Oh yeah, they also had a Diaper Dude Good Luck Bag for $60 and some Fleurville bags for 1/2 off their marked up prices.

We were originally looking for a diaper bag for me, the dad, but I didn't like any of those. I'm trying to find a hipper alternative to the Eagle Creek Parent Survival Pack so suggestions would be more than welcome.
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