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deciding on colors etc...

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okay, so i am going nuts. (what else is new?)

i have wanted to do a venician plaster technique in our bedroom since we first moved here 3 years ago. now we are finally stripping the wallpaper and it is a beast. it's taking us like 5 times long to do it than we thought it would. so the steamer is costing us like twice or three times what we thought i would. now i see that we will need at least 3 cans of the paster stuff and despite what i thought about being able to roll on the first coat, i see it must be put on with a trowel. both coats. ugh. maybe it's too much work. but we have to do something other than plain latex paint, since it's a plaster wall and after taking off the paper it looks like hell. so something to cover the texture of the wall is needed... now i am looking at sand wash paint.. in a totally different color...
or maybe a ragging off or on....

i'm having a really hard time picking a neutral color for the hallway too... colors are easy to pick... neutrals... OY!

how the heck would you decide?? flip a coin? tarot cards? spin around with your eyes closed and point? see what your 3 year old picks? see, i told ya i was nuts.
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Cheap is good. Stark white is bad. Once you've gotten a set of neutrals that go well with your flooring, let your 3 year old make the final choice.
I used the venetian plaster in our tiny bathroom and while its GORGEOUS, it's a LOT of work. Now, getting the plaster on the wall isn't too bad. It took me 3 very thin coats to cover up the old color. It's the burnishing that'll kill ya. Thats how you get that nice shiny 2-tone-ish color they show on the chips. I very nearly gave up at the point.

It was well worth the effort, nad it's holding up great, but wow was it a lot of work. I'd do a small portion of a larger room, maybe an accent wall, or above a chair rail or something. I wouldn't take on a large room, all walls without help.
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