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Decisions! Ecobunz vs. Little Beetles Hemp or Organic vs. Knappie one-size

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Hi everyone,

I was hoping some of you who have tried these diapers could give me your thoughts on them! I've read the great Little Beetle and Ecobunz reviews, but there weren't many reviews on the Knappie one-size (from Natural Instinct). I'm basically looking for a fitted diaper with hemp or organic cotton that's still pretty absorbent (can be worn without a cover during the day around the house), reasonably slim and that's very durable. Anyone have experience with using any of these on more than one baby? How did they hold up? I really like the Vermont Diaper Company fitted, but it's pretty bulky for daytime use. The one-size or two-size ones appeal to me for the cost factor! Any hints as to where to look for coupon codes other than here
I'm also looking at the Ecobaby Grow with me, which I see someone else has started a thread about.

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It's going to be awhile until we have a little bum to cd, but I've decided that I'm going to go exclusively with Little Beetle fitteds. I've posted questions here asking about them, and Leah, the owner has sent me pms answering all my questions. What I plan on doing is getting a few of the originals for night time use, a few of the lite version and some organic cottons for day use. The biggest determining factor for me, besides the great reviews on her dipes at the pin, but her customer service. HTH
We have an Ecobunz fitted, so far it's worked great
With an extra doubler it's one of Moose's night time dipes right now, it'd work fine for coverless around the house. If you keep an eye on the seconds there you can pick 'em up for $10 each
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Thanks! I just ordered an Ecobaby Grow with Me and an Ecobunz second to try. I think I'm going to get at least a Little Beetles Hemp fitted -- the organic velour one looks very tempting, but is expensive.... still, with only two sizes to buy, it may be worth it. And the Knappie is one size and if it works, a good deal, so I may just get that one, too, to try. I need to realize that trying out is fine and not all my diapers will need to be the same ones -- not like these will go to waste unless they really don't work, and I don't expect that after reading reviews!
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