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Delayed Vax friendly doc in The Woodlands/Spring/Conroe

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Hi all,
I am due in Feb and a little late on the get go of finding a pediatrician. I can't believe this has been much harder than finding the right OB!! I am looking for a doc that would be willing to work with me on a delayed/selective vax schedule and help in choosing which vax's my baby will need and which ones she won't. On that same note, I would like a Doc that doesn't RX an antibiotic for every sniffle, but on the other hand, can honestly tell me when this treatment is very necessary. I've heard Dr. Bhakta thrown around, but I also heard he would not be too terribly open to a delayed vax schedule. I have heard some good things about H.E.A.L but they don't accept insurance.
Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!
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Dr. Krenie Stowe at HEAL also works at a location in The Woodlands and they take insurance. At The Maternal and Family Clinic off of N I45. There is more info on the homepage of HEAL's web site.

She is my DD's pedi and she's awesome!
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