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How you be? As of last night, I have self diagnosed with previa again. Bedrest with a 5yo, 2yo and 5mo old... completely impossible. I miss you!
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Ugh. Previa? Ewww... I hope that takes care of itself. Did your last placenta move up somewhere into your pregnancy?

I'm doing well right now. The morning sickness/all day sickness has mostly subsided. I'm only slightly queasy at times, but eating like a horse. Got some bad news that I seem to have a hernia next to my incision scar from the previous cesarean, which probably means a repeat C if I want to save my stomach. I'm not thrilled about it, but nothing is set in stone and I need to do more research. Regardless, it's going to be a great birth
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Any birth that winds up in a healthy baby and Momma is a good birth by every aspect of the definition. Plus you can send me cool pics of your fresh incision.


Previa moved up with Julie and I had a vaginal delivery. She turns 2 tomorrow!!

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