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Please delete
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I'll take the whole lot off your hands for 90 dollars if that includes shipping.
Hi Mama,
I'd like to get~

* 6m Lullaby Club Shortalls $3
* 3-6m Old Navy Hawaiian Print Shirt $2
* 6-9m Carter Blue Pants $2
* 6m Carters Adorable Onesie caption...How much is this?? I didn't see a price w/pict

Is the 6-9m Gerber Bear Sleeper $2 100% cotton? if so I'd like that too
(6m Gerber Bear Onesie $1)

My zip is 05601....

Please pm your pp addy! I'll TRY to pp you in the Am but it's crazy here w/the 2 kids in the AM... so it may be early evening before I do get a chance, just wanted to let ya know ahead of time

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could you tell me what these are made of and cheapest shipping to 18073:

3-6m Nanette Sailing 3 piece Set $3
3-6m Gumballs Yellow Sleepers $2 each or $3 together
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1 - 10 of 10 Posts