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Democratic Pres Debate tonight 8 EDT 5 PDT

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What issues do you want to be addressed in tonights debate??

I think Clark will have the hotseat along with Dean. Clark mainly because last debate he had just gotten in the race and he used that as a reason to not give detailed answers. Not saying anything negative about that, I thought he was thoughtful in his responses then and it was a smarter move than making uniformed statements. I just think the questioners and us viewers will be looking to hear what his plans are for the country. If he got elected :).
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I can't wait to watch! It's right here in Phoenix!
I went to the Dean rally today on campus (I teach at ASU) and got 3 signs and 4 stickers...I'm not ONLY into Dean yet (truly, I'm still in the ANYONE BUT BUSH mode) but it's something to put on my car!
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We have Dean stickers on our car. He's been my fav for a long time!

Yes, a lot of folks are saying that the General didn't fair too well.

Gephardt is being recognised as the best performer last night.

I liked his comment: "If you want to live like a republican you have to elect a democrat."

I liked Sharpton's comment to Judy (the CNN facilitator): I don't remember excatly but something like: You are talking as if Bush was elected! :LOL
while i have to admit i loved having and arkansan pres and all the intelligentsia influx into Little Rock and the state in general, and it would be fun again, my caveat is that i wonder about clark's claim to have not been "partisan" until a few years ago (anyway very recently).

HUH??? how can you go forty or fifty years and not see how greedy and corporate/rich-toadying the republican party is? how can you not see the working poor having little education, far below a living wage in most places, skyrocketing college tutition/loan debt, and no health care as a direct problem that stems from anti-democratic political maneuvering?

asleep at the wheel?

also playing the "hey, don't attack me, we're both democrats" thing kind of rankled was a valid question...why the seemingly changeable views re: the war and bush/cheney in general?

i still am at this point rooting for dean...he's alpha male enough to get elected, unlike kucinich (sp?) who is more ideologically simpatico with me.... tho i like the idea of having a poor boy president even more. heard a sound bite from one "working poor" background senator (was it kerry--without tv it's harder to keep the names straight). plus i love a southern drawl on my celebrities.

joy, trying to stay positive about all this.
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Gephart is seen as doing the best in the debate???
: Honestly I think he has said the same darn thing in the last three debates. He needs to learn to discuss other issues than how 1993 was his proudest moment ect. He has dwelled on that at every debate. As much as I generally dislike polls, the predebate CNN poll showed him pretty far down the list.

I'm still "anyone but Bush" mode as far as voting goes. I agree with previous poster that Kukinich is closer to my ideology, but I'm leaning towards Dean. I just don't Kukinich (I cannot spell his name sorry) is really electable. I do think he he brings alot to the party. BTW, I wish Dean would leanr to smile better and not look so stiff.

There should be more drop outs soon, so I wonder how many will be in the next debate.
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I just don't Kukinich (I cannot spell his name sorry) is really electable.

Yes, I like the K-man. But, I believe he is too good to be elected...
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