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Democratic Pres Debates

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Watching the Dem pres debates on CNN right now. Is it live?? Or did I miss it last night and it's a rerun? Anyway anyone else watch?


Still don't like Kerry or Leiberman.
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yes, I saw the old ones, these weren't them. Didn't watch the CA ones, since I haven't lived there in 7 years.

I know they said at the end of the debate today that they were going to reshow them tonight. They were quite good.
I watched about half of the debate. I still like Dean.
It's a three man race now: Dean, Clark and possibly Kerry. The rest of them are non-starters. The Good News is that any of those three will trounce the Dead Man Walking that is currently squatting in the White House.
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I hope so. I signed up to volunteer for Clark's campaign. I have never done that before.
my 15 year old *H* gave me a running commentary. She is so political - and I am SO proud. She and I both like Dean...wishing he would learn to smile a little more naturally
: - but liking him nonetheless. I think I would LOVE to see a debate between Dean and Bush. Talk about battle with an unarmed man! I think I like Dean because he isn't afraid to say whats on his the moment. What comes up comes out! Yet unlike the present Resident, it more than often makes complete sense and is quite properly spoken. What a refreshing change that would be!

By the way - just *H*'s opinions -- but DK needs to nix the tupe. Leads one to think he's fake and shallow and worried about his appearance more than anything else. Reminds her of Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber. Lieberman would not help the crisis in the Middle East AT ALL. And she doesn't think she could listen to that voice for 4 years! Edwards is fake and a "pretty boy" (whatever that means to a 15 year old) - Gephardt is to "vanilla" - Quote "Mom, he's....he's all one color. And he seems pretty p.o.'d about everything but just wants to spout and shout." Bob Graham scares her...she thinks he's a spy for the fundies!!! HAHAHA!! John Kerry - just not strong enough in his convictions. Not angry enough. There is a proper amount of anger but must not be coupled with too much self righteous indignation according to *H*. Clark...not enough info yet but looks pretty strong. Braun, honestly no opinion. Just seemingly dull and in the background. Al Sharpton...will never be taken seriously until he crops the "do".
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My review based on what they said and not how they look.

I like Dean, Clark, Edwards and Kuchinich ( spelling) but I don't think the last can be elected because the general population will think he is too out there in his plans. Gephardt is looking desperate by calling Dean similar to Gingrich (huh? yea right). He also tends to not answer the questions asked and instead changed the subject. I tend to ignore Sharpton because I don't believe he has a change in Hades of getting the nomiation. I generally like what Graham had to say also. Leiberman should just turn in his Dem membership card IMO.
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