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Both my kids have had dental carries on their upper front teeth. My son now who is 15 months old has the same problem. Since he still nurses and a lot at night I want to see if I can help control it by totally eliminating sugar from my body since that is what the bacteria lives on. I 'm not sure if I give up fruits as well and since I'm a vegetarian I eat a lot of pastas.breads and rices. I was wondering if I should give these up too since I thought they turn or break down to sugar in your body??if so is there such a thing as a different bread that doesn't break down to sugar as well as a pasta? I remember trying a candida diet even though I didn't have it while nursing my daughter because she had thrush..I remember eating a spelt type bread but i'm not sure if that counts to totally eliminate sugar from my body. Anyone out there tried this or can give advice? I know it will be so hard since I live on starches. I also read on the candida diet there's no mushrooms or vinigar which I just happened to buy and was hoping to make, but if yeast is just as bad for the cavities and cheese and yogurt then should I avoid these?<br><br>
I was wondering also what kind of bread I can eat and what kind of salad dressings. I've been drinking a 1/2 gallon of oj for a year and haven't had any in a few days...i'm really jonesing for some. is there anything else to drink besides water??<br>
Thanks very much!<br>
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