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Dental: Disappearing cavities?

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My son is now 4 yrs old, and has some decay on the front teeth and a little on the (I think) incisors. We went to the dentist and he said it wasnt too bad, to just watch and see, keep an eye before we did anything. Well, now the decay is disappearing! What's up with this? I wanted to know has anyone had a similar experience? Is it because the baby teeth are soft? Im happy, but a little surprised. Any ideas? I have been religiously brushing,e tc. but that's it. Thanks.
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The teeth can be remineralized if the decay is just on the surface with the enamel. So its possible that yes you have turned around the decay!!!!! Good job! Beyond the enamel, decay is unstoppable (is that a word?)
Have you read the thread in the sticky "Remineralization and diet for healthy teeth"?
Thanks so much for the tip. I will read that thread. Whew, it's good to know there is a precedent!
Thanks smilemomma, again, you are great. I have to say, the area isnt darker, it actually was a little pitted on the front teeth, and the pits are disappearing, getting smaller- and the discoloration is also disappearing, though there is still some, it's more of a cosmetic prob than a structural one at this point. You know far more than I, but my understanding was that baby teeth can sometimes change because they are softer. That's my explanation for this "miracle" turnaround (Im not complaining
I was so surprised by this that I wanted to know if anyone else had experienced this type of situation. That said, there may be other, underlying factors that I am missing, or havent noticed-- vitamins, water, etc.
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We have experienced remineralization, but we have taken a huge effort to change our diets and add vitamins/minerals, homeopathics and fish oil.

DD's teeth are in great shape. We still have not had the cavities on her two front teeth filled and they have been there for 6months and have not gotten worse. DD's teeth have remineralized (only took several days after starting on the fish oil) and her gums don't bleed anymore when we brush her teeth. They are nice/firm and pink. We also only brush 2x/day with no flouride.

After seeing what my dd went through in the last few months I am a true believer that cavities in the teeth are a sign of vit/mineral deficiencies.

My dd's dental problems have been solved through diet.
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