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Denver-Family Flex

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Has anyone here used Family Flex
for childcare in downtown Denver? Thoughts/experiences? My DH and I love to go to the theatre but we live a couple of hours away and we are considering bringing the kids with us and having them stay at Family Flex while we catch a show rather than leave them at home with a sitter.
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I haven't used that center, but I have used Kidstown, which isn't too far from downtown. DS is almost 3 and really likes going there. I dropped him off for two hours on Saturday so I could go to an appointment and he made an art project to bring home, had a snack, and did lots of playing while I was gone. They have $4 Fridays ($4/hr after 4pm) and theme Saturdays. I've been really happy with them!
We used Family Flex for the last year and really liked them. They are very professional and caring. This may be old old news but I don't think they're doing the evening thing much anymore. Not enough interest.
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