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Deodorant Stones?

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After reading a few threads about deodorants & more natural healthy ways, I was wondering if anyone uses deodorant stones? How well do they work? Do they work by themselves, or do you use something else with them? TIA!
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I use them. I think they work really well. The one caveat though, is that once you get smelly, you have to wash again before you can use the stone. It *prevents* odor, it doesn't remove it or cover it up. That's fine, I usually shower every other day, so on the days I shower, I use the stone and I'm good for 24 hours, and then the next day I dab a lil lavender EO on.
I was pretty skeptical, but I saw one on sale for $2.99, so I picked it up. It's great! I'm pretty stinky--the only deodorant that worked for me was Mitcham, but the stone does just as well. I also use it on my feet. I just give a quick rub when I get out of the shower every morning and am still damp. It works beautifully on the pits--not quite as well on the feet, probably because I can't get between the toes.
I've used a stone for at least 5 years now, and I love it. It's the only thing that doesn't cause my skin to break out. It's very effective for me, even on really hot days when I'm sweating. I shower every other day (or two days, depending on how it's going; with 3 dc, one a newborn, some days I'm lucky to get dressed!), and can use it even without showering first. It works fine to "unsmelly" me, even after I've started to get a little stinky (like when I haven't made it into the shower in two days!). Go for it, if you don't like it, you aren't out very much. Definitely worth a try!
Thanks everyone for your input! I think I'm going to try one.

Persephone~ I like the idea of dabbing a little lavendar eo on. That's on my list to get. (My homeopathic step-mom is helping me slowly build my eo stash & learn to use them.)

EFmom~ What a great deal! I stumbled across one online yesterday (when I was looking for a good price on the keeper) for $7.99, but it had a cool seashell holder. (Can't think of what they called it exactly.)

gardenmommy~ I know what you mean- I have 3 dc too. If Dante doesn't nap, then I don't get my shower.
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I use it and I have no issues with it at all. I'm very sensative under my arms and I easily rash- it is one of the few things that don't make me break out in rash.

Originally Posted by Faeanne

gardenmommy~ I know what you mean- I have 3 dc too. If Dante doesn't nap, then I don't get my shower.
The other day I was trying to shower in a shower only bath tub with a 3 yr old and a 15 month old in with me. Talk about crowded. LOL

Usually I bring toys into the bathroom and lock the door and let them play- I keep a few toys up in a closet that they don't get every day so they think it is big fun.
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amcal, as far as I know, crystals and stones are the same thing.

I find that when I shower everyday, my skin starts to get dry anyway, so I don't really have a problem showering every other day (unless it's really hot, or I've been working outside. There is a limit to how much b.o. I can stand on myself!).

My children usually play in the bathroom while I'm showering. It's such a treat to have a quiet, uninteruppted shower!

The things you appreciate when you have children!
Faeanne, where in MI are you located? We moved to MI, I just can't figure out how to change my location under my name here!
Does anyone's DH use one?

My hubby has been going Deoderant free for awhile now, simply because he can't tolerate anything. he breaks out so badly (eczema) that he pretty much only uses it for like weddings etc.
we live in texas and dh isn't a small you can imagine he gets a little ripe, esp since he showers maybe 2x a week (for the same reason, skin issues)

i'm thinking this might be a idea for him...
Funny you should ask. Just this morning I noticed my crystal was damp before I used it, so I asked my dh if he'd been using it. He said he has and he loves it too!
I tried it although I wasn't a fan. The salt was burning on my dry peeling skin

I use a spray follwed by a powder and that works well for me
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Oh, I'm gonna try one now. To this day I have not found anything that works for me. Any brands or types you like and recommend?
Rainbow~ I like your idea for keeping the chitlin's busy while you shower- I think I'll try that.

gardenmommy~ I live in Sturgis- it's about 5-10 minutes from the Indiana border. Where are you?
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