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Any single mama's suffering from depression?

I've fought depression on and off for much of my adult life. Now that I'm a mom, the idea scares me. I wouldn't want my depression to be used against me. That is the main reason I haven't gone to a therapist or gone on anti depressants lately. Too afraid my son's father can throw it back in my face. Plus, I'm looking for a nanny position and one of the questions agencies ask is if you are on medication or in therapy. sigh.

Anyone else suffer with this?


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I have not had depression but I know others who have. It must feel difficult for you to not be on medication and not be in therapy.

Have you looked into some things like diet and homeopathic remedies? I know some people have great success just changing their diet and I've heard that some homeopathic remedies are helpful too. I don't know if it would help as much as what you have done before, but while you are in this current situation, it might just take the edge off a bit and help you feel better.

If you want some info about it, you can pm me. I believe there are also discussions about this in the health and healing forum.

I'm sending you a hug. I know there have been times I've felt a little paranoid about what could or couldnt' be used against me. I think that not treating an illness would be viewed are worse than being on meds that are needed. But I couldn't say for sure.

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Yes. I have dealt with depression most of my life (childhood and
adulthood). I was diagnosed with Bipolar at age 20. With Bipolar
comes serious PPD and in my case I suffered with PTSD as well.
When my life has felt like it's slipping I have gone for therapy, and
taken antidepressant medication.
These days I think you can fight against the discrimination those
might have against diagnosed depression quite easy. Read up on
your condition, learn all you can, and keep active with your health.
Nobody can take your child, or throw anything in your face that you
are actively working on. Those who have people fight and win against
them are those who have issues that are symptoms of the depression.
As long as you are healthy, treating your child well, nobody can
fight you. I mean nobody can take you to court and say this person
is depressed and on medication. It's not enough of an issue. There
has to be more, abuse, neglect, as a symptom of the depression.

Don't be afraid to take a active stance in your health care. Don't
be afraid to get help in fear that it can be used against you. Taking
care of yourself is taking care of your child. Making sure your mental
health is strong is the sign of an excellent Mother, not one who is
lacking in parenting skills.

Something that helped me is cognitive behavior therapy. You can
read about this and do it on your own, (although I would recommend
starting with a therapist).

As far as working. I don't see why an employer would need to know
your mental health history. As long as your doing your job I would
think your in the clear.
If they are asking you if your on medication or in therapy then I guess
you would have to be truthful. I myself would not be afraid to hire
a nanny was actively in treatment, but some might not be inclined to
do so, and that's their right.

Good luck. Blessings.
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