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Any single mama's suffering from depression?<br><br>
I've fought depression on and off for much of my adult life. Now that I'm a mom, the idea scares me. I wouldn't want my depression to be used against me. That is the main reason I haven't gone to a therapist or gone on anti depressants lately. Too afraid my son's father can throw it back in my face. Plus, I'm looking for a nanny position and one of the questions agencies ask is if you are on medication or in therapy. sigh.<br><br>
Anyone else suffer with this?<br><br>

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I have not had depression but I know others who have. It must feel difficult for you to not be on medication and not be in therapy.<br><br>
Have you looked into some things like diet and homeopathic remedies? I know some people have great success just changing their diet and I've heard that some homeopathic remedies are helpful too. I don't know if it would help as much as what you have done before, but while you are in this current situation, it might just take the edge off a bit and help you feel better.<br><br>
If you want some info about it, you can pm me. I believe there are also discussions about this in the health and healing forum.<br><br>
I'm sending you a hug. I know there have been times I've felt a little paranoid about what could or couldnt' be used against me. I think that not treating an illness would be viewed are worse than being on meds that are needed. But I couldn't say for sure.

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Yes. I have dealt with depression most of my life (childhood and<br>
adulthood). I was diagnosed with Bipolar at age 20. With Bipolar<br>
comes serious PPD and in my case I suffered with PTSD as well.<br>
When my life has felt like it's slipping I have gone for therapy, and<br>
taken antidepressant medication.<br>
These days I think you can fight against the discrimination those<br>
might have against diagnosed depression quite easy. Read up on<br>
your condition, learn all you can, and keep active with your health.<br>
Nobody can take your child, or throw anything in your face that you<br>
are actively working on. Those who have people fight and win against<br>
them are those who have issues that are symptoms of the depression.<br>
As long as you are healthy, treating your child well, nobody can<br>
fight you. I mean nobody can take you to court and say this person<br>
is depressed and on medication. It's not enough of an issue. There<br>
has to be more, abuse, neglect, as a symptom of the depression.<br><br>
Don't be afraid to take a active stance in your health care. Don't<br>
be afraid to get help in fear that it can be used against you. Taking<br>
care of yourself is taking care of your child. Making sure your mental<br>
health is strong is the sign of an excellent Mother, not one who is<br>
lacking in parenting skills.<br><br>
Something that helped me is cognitive behavior therapy. You can<br>
read about this and do it on your own, (although I would recommend<br>
starting with a therapist).<br><br>
As far as working. I don't see why an employer would need to know<br>
your mental health history. As long as your doing your job I would<br>
think your in the clear.<br>
If they are asking you if your on medication or in therapy then I guess<br>
you would have to be truthful. I myself would not be afraid to hire<br>
a nanny was actively in treatment, but some might not be inclined to<br>
do so, and that’s their right.<br><br>
Good luck. Blessings. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="heartbeat">
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