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I have not had depression but I know others who have. It must feel difficult for you to not be on medication and not be in therapy.

Have you looked into some things like diet and homeopathic remedies? I know some people have great success just changing their diet and I've heard that some homeopathic remedies are helpful too. I don't know if it would help as much as what you have done before, but while you are in this current situation, it might just take the edge off a bit and help you feel better.

If you want some info about it, you can pm me. I believe there are also discussions about this in the health and healing forum.

I'm sending you a hug. I know there have been times I've felt a little paranoid about what could or couldnt' be used against me. I think that not treating an illness would be viewed are worse than being on meds that are needed. But I couldn't say for sure.
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