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Depression as a SAHM

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I am just wondering what others mommas think defines depression. When is it more than just a mood?
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I know what you mean. I have those same thoughts sometimes. It's like I feel compelled to imagine the most horrible thing possible. I make a conscious effort not to dwell on them because they freak me out.

I would say if you feel like you can't stop yourself from thinking about the kids getting hurt and it's really upsetting you, you should talk to someone about it.
I just wonder because I LOVE my children but lately I have obsessed over how something could happen to my son. That he could fall down the stairs that he could be not breathing that he could eat something and choke.........
1. don't feel about these things do something about them, take a children's cpr course, babyproof your home...but if the thoughts are not controllable then its possible that you've got mama ocd...

I think its natural especially when you have an overactive mind and are at home to over think everything.

I feel like I can't picture him getting older. (my daughter is three and my son is nine months) Please don't misunderstand.
nomral 9 months is still a 'baby' a three year old is more of a whole personality/verbal/expression/dancing/singing sure it should be hard to picture a person you've only known for a few months in 20 years! I think also too many of those emmotions are part of our old programming when babies didn't always survive, they say there are a few levels of bonding, first the biological stuff but the mental bonding is delayed you love 'your baby' but the more you get to know your child over a period of time the more you love the person they are...making sense?

I don't feel like I want to hurt him and when he gets hurt I run over to kiss his boo boos! I just keep thinking that I will hurt him (accidently) or that he will get hurt! I haven't told my husband or anyone else. But I have considered discussing this with his dr next week. Am I depressed? Or entertaining thoughts that make me sad?
I had this type of thing after my second child,post partum ocd is common its not like depression more the opposite over anxiety about the baby, I used to have to keep sharp objects out of sight not because I wanted to hurt the baby but that if I saw a knife my mama brain said "KNIFE COULD HURT BABY" repeat. the sight of anything (pills, knives, stairs) could trigger that anxiety even if he was no where near any of it. So I used to repeat to myself little mantras about it I'd look at him and say:
"I will do everything I can to keep you safe"

also how is your health? if you are loosing weight not paying attention to your diet you can become anxious. Get some fish oils, vitamins, fresh air.
And yeah ever child is such a different experience!
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I am uptight! I know that! If we are having money issues I will get physically ill. I have found today that I don't have time to think about those things when we are busy. I didn't dwell on things today another words. I notice that I dwell on those thoughts when all is quiet. I don't know I do want to tell all of you I appreciate you all giving me positive posts. Well I have to go we are having chicken on the grill! I won't think about all the splinters he could get on the deck! I will just hold him or put him in a walker! I swear!
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