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Depression in pregnancy hits the news

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There is a thread somewhere around here that is a bunch of us moms who had depression during pregnancy. A couple weeks ago Rita Rubin from USAtoday contacted me to talk to me about it. I was just goofing around and put my name into google and the article pulled up. Thought I would share with you!

USAtoday article

There is a mistake in there though. I have a daughter...not a son.
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That was a very interesting article. It scared me tho. I had pregnancy depression with my second and went on Paxil at 9weeks because of it. The article talks about a higher risk for heart defects of the baby with it and my son was born with a heart murmer. He had a ekg and chest x ray at 2mo and nothing showed up so I am thankfull for that. I am gonna request a u/s when I take him back in now tho just to make sure. My brother was also born with a heart defect so I am worried about that as well.

I dont regret taking the meds because i did need them but it scares me I just wish i had tried prozac instead. I went off it in my 7th month because of a magazine article talking about possible breathing problem if taken in the weeks before birth asociated w/ the drug. The rest of my pg without it i did great without it.

I went on zoloft the week after my son was born for ppd. I also took that w/ my dd.
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