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I feel a little funny about sharing this information but I really need some help/advise. So... here goes.

I've been treated for depression for about 10 years. There is a family history of depression on both sides of my family. I've been medicated for about five years- first with a low dosage of Celexa and then with a low dosage of Lexapro. Recently, my PCP & I decided to up my dosage of Lexapro b/c I was beginning to experience symptoms of my depression again. Since the increase in dosage I've noticed a significant decrease in sex drive which is really starting to become a problem in my marriage (DH is ultra supportive but the loss of sexual intimacy bothers us both).

I would like to consider some alternatives to treating my depression with medication. I am considering seeing a Naturopathic physician or perhaps someone who practises Chinese Medicine.

Is there anyone out there who is currently treating depression naturally or attempting to treat depression naturally? Thanks in advance for your help! Brook

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I wish I had GREAT words to share.

But I will share what I can.

First of all you are sooooooooooooo NOT alone. I have been medicated since 91. Strong depression on the maternal side (like uh everyone).

I am not sure is the meds cut down on my sex drive; to be honest before them i was sooo depressed that i didn't want to live, much less have sex. so whatever level i have now; is better than without the medication.

I am wanting to get off meds to TTC and BF. so I have been researching this.

I have been looking into diet issue. Based on what I have been reading I have cut out all cafeeine (sp?) and most refinded sugar. I have also incresed DHA and B-Complex. A lot of research out now starting them and their effect on brain functions. I have been able to cut my Celxia in 1/2 without feeling it at all.

My sister sent me Food and Mood and it is worth reading if you can find it at the libary. it is too raditical for me (cutting processed/white flour and so on -- i am too lazy). But it does cover the food = mood interaction pretty good.

Sis wants me to try Homopatic treatment; see my other post looking for information on that, but i am not sure yet.

Some research says St John's Wort -- but it interacts with a lot of stuff so you have to be real careful on it. I have read some about SAM-e too. SAM-e when i looked at it, seemed expensive. I have never before now, been brave enough to try going off meds.

Let me know if you learn anything good.

and good luck.


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"Nourishing Traditions."

All our bodys have to work with are the chemicals, ie nutrients, that we put into them.

She writes of the link between modern low-fat, wrong-fat diets and depression.

It'll be a lot of hard work, but you'll be starting at square one.

Procreate, Lactate, Disseminate!

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