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Des Moines IA CNM -- I met today and Liked

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I had my yearly visit today. (and this one was not bad)

I went to a CNM I might like to use for babies. (TTC this inter? next spring??). Small office, her and another CNM. they are part of a Hospital "system". Were actually in an OBGYN office -- that is how my insurence listes them and how I found them -- now in thier own office, and out grouping it. They are adding a 3rd CNM this winter -- or plan to.

My appt was at 10:30. I saw her at 10:40 after all my forms. I left the office at 12:30 and most of that thim -- 80% she was with me. I had 5 pages of questions; we went though all of them. We talked about my Godson almost dying at birth -- she didn't brush it off or rush me past it. We talked about pholiphyies. She is not milantant anti-medication...she says if she gets clients who walk in determined to have no medication intervention she refers them to a lay MW without hospital privilages. (a MW I looked at how told me she refused to delievey in the hopital, didn't say she had no privilage at any in the city). my point -- why I want a CNM ... so the medical options are still there, just not pushed. she validated my desire for a natural child birth, and appreipated me understinding why and when medical means may be necessay. This CNM and this pratice consideres it all a bag of tricks --natual (hot tub) and medical too. They use everything they can. She says that we start totally natural and depending on my, the baby and so on then we do what we have to do. She was open to limited use of herbs also and knew about somet hat she thinks are important and helpfull. She say we can be more natual, or more medical, depending on what Scott and I want going in to the birth. She said everythign I woudl say. it was like talking to myself on our views of drugs, intervention, western medicen, and natrual.

I have not had this good a vist with a health care provider in I do not remember how long.

She is totally hip on cinical deprression and PPD. has had a number of clients with such issues. she wants me to go back on medication in 3rd tri-mester to avoid a pit fall of PPD. And says if I need my medication the whole time that is ok too.

She was L&D nurse for 10 years before becoming a CNM (7 years ago).

the hospital where we'd deliever is great too. alll babies room in ---------------and if the baby has to go to NICU there are beds for the parents in each "room" there too ------------------------ and the totally support Breast Feeding. it is recongized as a baby freind (or is it breastfeeding freind) hospital natiaonally. I need to look up more about that.

They are doing all the preconception heath screens on today's blood. She says I am good to go when I want -- as long as today's blood work comes back good.

I am sooooooooooo Happy.

I know it will still be a while, maybe even a year. butttttt this made me feel a lot better. A little motivation even -- to get my diet where it needs to be and to get exercizing.

Just though I'd share something that made me happy.

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