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I'm having a pretty rough time -- co-sleeping is not going great and now DD's biting has come back with a vengence and the two issues are converging. She's 6 months old. She has her bottom teeth (came in at 4.5 mo.) but not her top ones.

I love co-sleeping and up until recently, it's gone great. Long story short, DD was in a positioner until she was 5 months old. When I took the positioner away, the first night she flopped like a fish all night -- she was so accustomed to being held by that thing that she probably felt like she was falling out of an airplane all night . So that now even, some nights are baaaad as she flops around and can't get secure. Some nights go fine, but night before last I only slept from 10-12 and then from 2-4. Back and forth, back and forth. I can't consult friends IRL because their solution is to put her in a crib.

Now comes the biting. She's been doing it on and off for nearly a month. Again, my friends' solution is to smack her when she does it. But I thought I had it beat by just taking her off the breast and changing the subject, so to speak, from BF for the moment. It seemed to work.

Now she's biting me CONSTANTLY. And HARD. I've tried Dr. Sears' trick of smushing her into my breast so she has to let go to breathe. She bites harder! I've tried saying "no!" but she's not phased as she has no real concept of the word no yet, except when she hears it when she pulls my hair. At any rate, whether she understands "no" or not, she's still doing it.

So, tonight she was BF and started biting in her sleep. I didn't want to wake her because of how horrible last night was, but the pain was starting to shoot thru me, so I pulled her off. She started to wake and I put her back on. She bit AGAIN!! It HURT. I pulled her off and she became wide awake and started to flop around.

My nipple is throbbing and I have a wide awake baby. Now DH is walking the house with DD. I was just sobbing telling DH I'm ready to put DD in the crib with a bottle. That's not true, of course, but I'm so desperate for a solution (that does NOT involve giving up co-sleeping or hitting her when she bites me). She's biting so hard, when she gets her top teeth, she's gonna start drawing blood I know it.

That being said, if it were better for her to be in a crib, and if I were convinced of that, I'd do it. I'm not bent on co-sleeping against what's best for her. Also, if I can't get a solution to this, I would have to consider weaning as much as that breaks my heart. I can NOT keep being bit like this.

I've read and read up on it, and I feel helpless. Is there ANYTHING I'm missing as far as a solution?? Has anyone else experienced this? If not, thanks for listening anyway.

FYI: She's not teething right now. She has her bottom teeth and otherwise is not showing signs of teething, so I really think this biting is becoming more of a habit rather than, say, her using my nipple for relief. If that make sense...
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