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Desperate Housewives/Grey's Anatomy Breastfeeding and lack of BF!

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OK...tonight on Desperate Housewives they had a 5 year old nursing and the staff at Lynette's office was FREAKING OUT!! Then Lynette talks to the mom about stopping or expressing and then sneaks the kid a carton of chocolate cow's milk!!! The kid immmediately quits nursing and they portray the mom as being more upset that she will have to join a gym to workout instead of burning calories by nursing!

Then, on Grey's Anatomy, a woman just had a baby and she had a bottle in the baby's mouth. I guess it's too much too ask for them to show her nursing instead. Is Nestle a sponsor of these shows? I was expecting a formula commercial or can of it sitting on the counter next! There really ought to be a law against that!!

One show they try to use some type of overkill and the other show blows it off totally even for a newborn!!!
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Hmm. I'm really surprised by Grey's. In the newer ones (tonight's was a re-run) the dr. who's in charge of the interns breastfeeds her newborn. Also, they show her using a sling-type device.
i didnt see the end of D. H. ... Just saw to where Lynette gave the kid chocolate milk. My Dh (who is not into AP like me) was like, "That is sick, nursing a 5 year old. Is that what you're going to do with DD?"

I wish extended nursing was better understood

I did like the part where the mom told Lynette off and cited why BF is better.

I cant beleieve they copped out and said she was only BF so she didnt have to go to the gym! Seriously, nursing is a lot harder than going to the gym sometimes!
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there is another thread where this is being discussed:

and I have to say I agree with most of the people there: at least people are talking about 5-yr olds being breastfed, and the show mentioned some good points, talked about pumping as well. Probably as much as you can ask from a mainstream show.
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