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Desperate...just can't diaper my newborn

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What am I doing wrong? Everything falls off of her, even the sposies. I'll get them tight around the legs, but it gaps around the waist. I tried trifolding the pfs, and they're too thick. The covers won't even fit over them (these are infant-sized pfs). I tried the bikini twist, but it was so loose around the waist that it was falling off. The wrap didn't help any. What is wrong? I'm already overwhelmed and on the brink of PPD. I just can't take the screaming during diaper changes and the leaks anymore.

Are fitteds or AIOs my only options? How do I know they'll work?
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I would probably buy a few Kissaluvs size 0 and a dozen or so preemie prefolds. I used the preemie prefolds on DD when she was a newborn. I didn't snappi I just trifolded it and laid it in a bummis cover
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If I remember correctly (and I could be wrong), you're using premium prefolds, right? You need to either get fitteds/AIOs or some smaller prefolds. Let me know if you need links!

I'm so sorry you're having a hard time!
First, calm down, take a deep breath. Sounds like you just got out the hospital... Are youpinnng your diapers? Do you have a snappi? Sposies where falling off my baby too in the hospital. So I ended up using cloth while I was there. But you are right, you cannot trifold a PF into a newborn wrap at all. Hopefully some of the mammas here can help you...
Hang in there mama! It gets easier.. I promise.

When mine was a newborn, I used to lie her in my arms or lap on top of a prefold. This made changes easier for me, cause all I needed to do was take prefold out from under her and place clean one in its place.

I think at first, the preemie sizes of diapers work best.

I hope you are okay... you and baby have been through a ton recently... hang in there!

nak - Teri
Its totally worth getting the preemie prefolds! I got 2 dozen and they were the only thing that would fit my 7 pounder. I used them for almost 3 weeks which doesn't seem like a long time but trust me, that's a TON of diaper changes! I have some really small covers for newborns that I got at a garage sale for like a dime if you'd like, I can send them to you
I have SO many covers! I'm not trying to spam you, so I'll send them to you for the cost of postage if you'd like to try them.
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I have heard good things about preemie prefolds and kissaluvs size 0. Do you have any bigger covers? Maybe try using your infant prefolds inside the bigger covers until you can get some preemie prefolds.

Hang in there, I know you don't think so right now, but it does get MUCH easier. If you ever need to vent or have any questions feel free to pm me

BTW, congrats on your new little one!
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Here's the description of what I bought from the ebay ad--I was wrong about them being premiums:

100% unbleached Chinese cotton; 4x8x4 plies. Approx. 15 x 12 after washing. Will fit newborns up to about 15 pounds.

Some of the wraps I am using are for 8-15 lbs...shouldn't these prefolds fit into those wraps? Maybe I should take a pic of what they look like on Katherine.
: I might be expecting a different fit than what might actually work.

Would a pull-on cover fit any better than the wraps? If they would fit in the waist, that might help. The bikini twist fold fit her in the legs, it was just so huge in the waist.

Sorry for the rambling...I get pretty lost in the afternoons...
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i am more of a visual person so seeing how its fitting your daughter would really help me.

how big is your daughter? my dd was 8lbs 10oz and it was kind of hard to get infant prefolds to fit on her for the first week or so. kissaluvs 0 were the best fit around her little chicken legs and i'd use a newborn prowrap for a cover.

are you using pins or snappis? i found snappi'ing the prefolds worked better than pinning for me. probably because i am afraid of pins. LOL

oh! diaperaps covers also worked really well the first few weeks when my dd had her chicken legs. they have nice gussets. i don't know where you can find them though, i bought mine used off wahmall.
Well, honestly I used disposies for the first week, then started using cloth diapers. I mostly used the preemie prefolds I bought, along with prorap newborn covers, and I pinned them. Then, at about 3 weeks, I started using the infant(4x8x4) prefolds, and small proraps/diaperaps, pinning the prefolds.

If you would like to try some diaperaps, PM me.
Hang in there- it gets easier. How big is your baby? I had two small skinny newborns and diapering was very hard the first two weeks- then they chubbed up and it got so much better.
What I hear her saying is that even disposables are falling, I think it's in positioning.

Here's what you might try:
Don't worry about crying baby. In just a few days, she'll probably figure out that diaper time means extra special loves from mom, and she won't cry. Try putting a hand on her head to reassure her, or bring her arms into her chest so she doesn't feel so "loose". Maybe DH can help?

The waist is too loose because she is "blowing up", probably because she's taking big gulps of air to scream. ;-) Don't be too tentative in fastening it on, you won't hurt her.

Fitteds would go on quicker, but I think you'll get fast at prefolds too, and if you have a good wrap (maybe velcro?) you should be able to stop the leaks.

Hope this're bringing back memories. ;-)
Awww. hope it gets better. ))HUGS(( I too would go for the preemie CPFs. They can be used later for doublers /and/or/stuffers.
And fitteds are great too (though more pricey).

Just keep on' truckin'
It will get easier & you will get better at it. This is a LEARNED skill that takes PRACTICE, just like anything else!
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what about buying a big batch of cheap washcloths and laying one or two in a nb wrap? I've heard of mamas here doing that for the beginning days. I got like 15 for $5 at walmart, and it fits (folded in half) in my ONE nb cover! OK, my babe is still cookin, but I tried it out the other day. You could experiment with washcloths you already own and see what happens.

Good luck!! You'll get through this, I promise!

Make sure the dipe is high on the back, not just above her "crack". Having it higher helps avoid back end blowouts.

And I agree about not being scared to get it on tight. Once she relaxes, it might get looser.

Okay here is a REALLY easy solution to the diaper problem
Go to Wal-mart (or similar) and buy a big pack of those cheap terry washclothes (not the baby washclothes...the big people ones). Trifold those into your newborn wraps and use them as diaps till your babe grows into the infant size (which will happen in a wink I promise you!)

Those washclothes actually work pretty well and when you are done using them as diapers you could cut them and use them for wipes (or if you aren't squeamish use them as washclothes...personally that's what I would do LOL but I know some people have issues).

Newborns grow SO fast that by the time you get some preemie prefolds your babe may have outgrown them (speaking from someone whose baby was 14 pounds at 3 weeks LOL).

Relax and try to enjoy this time. Hope I have helped a little!

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just wanted to give you a
and tell you it gets better!

maybe you can just spend lots of time sitting with her on your lap with a naked butt and just use a prefold for under her butt. i know that might be quite messy though....
you might want to spoil yourself and get some kissaluv 0's.
they are so easy and nice!
things will get better!

enjoy that baby!
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