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Desperatly seeking midwife in Lubbock

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Hi everyone! My name is Misti. I am currently pregnant with baby number five and I am very interested in a home birth. I am searching for all of the information I can get, but most of all I would like to find a midwife in my area.If anyone has any info to share with me it would be greatly appreciated.
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Unfortunately I do not know of any midwives in your area, but I do know of a midwife who lives in Amarillo who does homebirths. I am in eastern New Mexico (about 2 hours from both Lubock and Amarillo....and I had my last baby in Lubbock 3mos ago, but I had a doctor). I know that the midwife has no problem driving 2 hours for homebirths and she is certified in Texas. I have 2 friends who had deliveries with her and 2 more friends currently seeing her. She drives to your house for all of your pre-natals and everything. If you are interested in getting her name and number, PM me or email me. [email protected]
Hi, 5xamama! Nice to know there's are ap mamas in Lubbock...
Here are some links I've come across for Lubbock midwives. I grew up south of Lamesa on a farm, and am anticipating moving to Lubbock (perhaps even this summer). This question has been on my mind since dh and I want more children, and our first two were midwife attended hospital births. Dd1 was a waterbirth, and I would *love* to have a homebirth next time around.
Anyway, here's what I found...

Search for Lubbock county and you'll find four midwives, two in Midland/Odessa and two in Amarillo, to look into. Not at all ideal, I know, but a place to start. Also call the La Leche League of Lubbock leaders... found them here, and look up any Bradley childbirth instructors you can find in the area (I couldn't find any by google
). My brothers are both in the medical field in Lubbock, and they tell me there are doulas running around.... Oh! Oh! I just found this...

Probably your best bet. Definitely call them.

You should also ask around these places to find out if there are any physicians who attend homebirths. Hope this helps get you going. Please share what you find out. I'd love to know!
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I'm an apprentice in Dallas... I will ask who is in Lubbock.
The name I was going to give you is on the list the pp provided. It is Leah Hernandez.

I met with her about a homebirth and the only reason I did not use her was because she did not take my ins. and I couldn't afford it out of pkt.
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