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Detroit mamas - good yoga spot?

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my parents live in palmer woods. mom was recently diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and thinks yoga would do her good. she's never done yoga before. any suggestions of a good yoga center, possibly near-ish to where they live? (frendale, royal oak,etc) thanks!!!
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I like Namaste yoga in Royal Oak - on Troy Street - 2 blocks east of Main st. just north of 4th. I also teach there on occasion
. I do private lessons too if your mom would be interested - you can PM me for more info.
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I second Namaste in RO. I've practiced there for years and it's really easygoing with all ages/types of people. Also a senior discount I believe.

You might also check out the hospitals near her, many of them offer community yoga and tai chi classes (very low cost or free).
thanks mamas!!! i've been copying the info to my mom. she's out of town for the week, but i'm sure she'll start looking into it all soon as she returns. we really appreciate it!
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